Using the website as a sales tool

Even though sales activities have become more difficult in Corona, it still depends largely on the sales force, and websites play a major role in this regard.

With salespeople unable to make appointments as easily  as in the past, one of the most important points for BtoB companies to grow in the future is how effectively the marketing department can utilize the website to create opportunities for business negotiations.

The first step to lead to a business meeting is to let people know about your company.

To do this, it is important to continuously provide solutions to the issues that your target companies are likely to search for.

In addition, in order to increase the closing rate of business negotiations by sales, it is important to continuously contact users who do not immediately lead to orders and increase their willingness to buy.

In the current era of the Corona disaster, where it is not easy to create business opportunities through sales alone, effectively using the website as a sales tool is one way to acquire customers.

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